Motorcycles are back at Indianapolis! Results aside, this weekend was spectacular altogether for the fact that MotoAmerica was able to race at the infamous Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

The weekend started off on Thursday with walk around the historic racetrack, and I followed the age-old tradition of kissing the bricks on the front straight, which was definitely a check off the bucket list. On Friday we rode the struggle bus just trying to get used to the track and a few lurking electronic gremlins, but rebounded and managed to qualify 10th for the race.

Going into the race, I honestly didn’t have a ton of confidence. It was a brand new track for many riders, but I just was lacking the confidence to go out and drop even more time to keep up with some of the faster riders. I knew the strategy for the race was to just learn as much as I could early on and try and latch on with some riders.

Within the first flying lap of the race I had already bested my qualifying time. I realized that I had the pace to push with some of the quicker riders and rode hard the rest of the race to make a last lap pass and end up 7th. It still matches our current best result, but this one definitely felt as if it was the hardest earned 7th. I am ecstatic with the team’s ability to stay determined through the struggles of the weekend and how we kept pushing all race long. I am ready for the final race of the season at Laguna Seca in just a few weeks!

This weekend wouldn’t have been possible without all the support from my awesome sponsors:

Pure Attitude,, SWG Motorsports, Axon Sport Performance, RS Taichi USA, Moto Liberty Dallas, Arai Helmet Americas, RBoM Racing, Lucas Oil, Robem Engineering, SBS Brakes, Precision Body Works, Yoshimura Research & Development of America, Inc., Galfer USA, Vortex, Motion Pro, Inc, Orient Express Racing, K-Tech Suspension, Michael Hill Promotions, Roswell Bicycles, VROOM MEDIA, N2 Track Days, Zero Gravity

And thank you all for your support too!